Steve Barnett

Registrations by District
District 01566766703028443915250731
District 02815745602024492415210970
District 037047518445301729153221909
District 04746142703736193715424725
District 057157386129332429144001094
District 068599450960512239183291823
District 07512638085538623212883771
District 087324520039364519162271644
District 096912532564569664180612269
District 106867465452450123160971752
District 118005494977479139178611776
District 127375485765506027173842678
District 137747491765422941169991975
District 147389541068445238173571710
District 152992431377413762115811858
District 168131400943449730167102133
District 17545542034332412312965954
District 186306403457349620139131189
District 199429390023280623161811109
District 206865432124298138142291423
District 21701043241519751313337834
District 22629941122728214213301555
District 2310076313328186018151151039
District 24975432214324413315492716
District 257935492265406137170201360
District 26A1151337051092115629906
District 26B3238260416108496951349
District 273384701325271868132081118
District 28A17444015171362197157529
District 28B517311624114572478571169
District 29965129148537344116425667
District 3011040314074441778187492062
District 3192623739102412933172652000
District 3272914322114432263161121692
District 33110394602106671571225331395
District 348601387396418355168081621
District 356446329588442360143121665
*Independent (IND) / No Party Affiliation (NPA) – these two categories are one in the same. When a voter writes Independent, I, Ind, no party affiliation, NPA, no party, no choice, none, non-partisan, line crossed off or the field is blank in the "Choice of Party" field on the voter registration form. (South Dakota does not have an Independent party)
**OTHER – This category is for voters who write any other political party on their voter registration form that is not currently a recognized political party in South Dakota.

NOTE: The South Dakota Democratic Party has opened their primary election up for all voters registered as independent/no party affiliation to vote in their primary. Voters registered in the “other” category are not allowed to vote in the SD Democratic Party primary.