Steve Barnett

Registrations by District
District 01612163473630124715563839
District 02870043712925853515720915
District 037494518866338530161631795
District 04818140554637323816052788
District 057940377349359827153871032
District 06102715090103586941213741749
District 07562240256743002814042848
District 087522482252348919159041823
District 098203559298647356204222715
District 107393478063490433171732047
District 118734524893523043193482032
District 127611500187525145179953187
District 138059520779458346179742170
District 147702561488488744183351939
District 153712457295477457132102278
District 168931400055498026179922029
District 17594543424835693313937874
District 186722394165384718145931301
District 191003235803630202816696992
District 207550417235324735150391348
District 21750939332120431513521937
District 22671239212829764513682601
District 231049629262919682815447973
District 241009031845827104116083728
District 258935498382450739185461516
District 26A1206340591164105794868
District 26B3447251617115787145194
District 273543711134285265136051160
District 28A18674009181572167482489
District 28B560711205815921983961145
District 29108963077116419337183191008
District 3012201320496467891202702251
District 31100883812128454843186192273
District 3277354517126459962170391989
District 33131195113159766680261371853
District 3489534104130455145177831949
District 3573133523130487558158991861
*Independent (IND) / No Party Affiliation (NPA) – these two categories are one in the same. When a voter writes Independent, I, Ind, no party affiliation, NPA, no party, no choice, none, non-partisan, line crossed off or the field is blank in the "Choice of Party" field on the voter registration form. (South Dakota does not have an Independent party)
**OTHER – This category is for voters who write any other political party on their voter registration form that is not currently a recognized political party in South Dakota.

NOTE: The South Dakota Democratic Party has opened their primary election up for all voters registered as independent/no party affiliation to vote in their primary. Voters registered in the “other” category are not allowed to vote in the SD Democratic Party primary.