Steve Barnett

Registrations by District
District 01614762863530204815536665
District 02872543163225683615677819
District 037567516367341130162381387
District 04819339674836883615932870
District 057807363651345725149761484
District 06102605032107581839212562012
District 07559739946742802613964849
District 087382470852341319155741762
District 0983055570105653356205692530
District 107373477664488635171341813
District 118723522389525741193331621
District 127517494887521843178132923
District 137968516576457945178332150
District 147714556295488842183011682
District 153755452797476855132022048
District 168789392453493524177252222
District 17592742364734963313739899
District 186706391969381318145251309
District 199802344735290025162091114
District 207463408733319634148131288
District 217432383620200015133031011
District 22665438352829294413490736
District 2310351283232192624151651082
District 249865306957261339156431129
District 258926491981447540184411360
District 26A1194334491142105699905
District 26B3404246915113197028291
District 273503704233284064134821120
District 28A18533957161564177407389
District 28B556310965715752183121135
District 29109113044116423838183471025
District 30121953139100463991201642304
District 31102303821134463544188641702
District 3276854476125452860168741806
District 33134755138172782780266921899
District 3489414080129458047177771597
District 3573553500137489457159431658
*Independent (IND) / No Party Affiliation (NPA) – these two categories are one in the same. When a voter writes Independent, I, Ind, no party affiliation, NPA, no party, no choice, none, non-partisan, line crossed off or the field is blank in the "Choice of Party" field on the voter registration form. (South Dakota does not have an Independent party)
**OTHER – This category is for voters who write any other political party on their voter registration form that is not currently a recognized political party in South Dakota.

NOTE: The South Dakota Democratic Party has opened their primary election up for all voters registered as independent/no party affiliation to vote in their primary. Voters registered in the “other” category are not allowed to vote in the SD Democratic Party primary.