Steve Barnett

Registrations by District
District 015703689735285442155311252
District 028194470619248521154251177
District 037079527543302532154541666
District 047408437537360339154621270
District 057179396327329232144931507
District 068549453863502144182151339
District 075097384850384734128761324
District 087487538145377923167151516
District 096582530163533867173512293
District 106783468346433821158711887
District 117916494773462540176011814
District 127375486157500028173212607
District 137788493362419740170201876
District 147410542564432339172611706
District 152829421873392562111071978
District 168200409343446633168351884
District 175560436146337426133671170
District 186286409457345119139071112
District 199471405427279323163681286
District 206898446624298436144081264
District 217028447413196215134921154
District 226321420327276644133611210
District 2310172322829191321153631036
District 249792323943240128155031031
District 257860496061394835168641356
District 26A1177351241110115814816
District 26B3273271918108687104455
District 273429726723274468135311236
District 28A17854169161396217387565
District 28B523012413714822580151011
District 299467288073360536160611491
District 3011040321269440078187992043
District 3191483722100404833170512054
District 3272764285111415054158761826
District 3310349441698619159211131658
District 348559387090407857166541782
District 356425327387429760141421852
*Independent (IND) / No Party Affiliation (NPA) – these two categories are one in the same. When a voter writes Independent, I, Ind, no party affiliation, NPA, no party, no choice, none, non-partisan, line crossed off or the field is blank in the "Choice of Party" field on the voter registration form. (South Dakota does not have an Independent party)
**OTHER – This category is for voters who write any other political party on their voter registration form that is not currently a recognized political party in South Dakota.

NOTE: The South Dakota Democratic Party has opened their primary election up for all voters registered as independent/no party affiliation to vote in their primary. Voters registered in the “other” category are not allowed to vote in the SD Democratic Party primary.