Monae L. Johnson

Registrations by District
District 01772567104733695817909953
District 029282420277491532185081726
District 03808450986736493216930875
District 0410641396541342240181091048
District 058373349556360225155511423
District 068002332289444941159031614
District 076372411079472526153121187
District 089991436459397223184092497
District 097329395267467624160481400
District 1048715431105471837151622082
District 1174094880101494439173732964
District 1271014550100492450167253311
District 139193469277471528187051911
District 147817509172459332176051772
District 1565865797145734769199442836
District 169020358557378127164701206
District 177305459564532430173182496
District 187454381670388817152451498
District 199958333342309427164541160
District 208042365144342842152071404
District 219354405325237116158191138
District 22749139053230924614566846
District 2311325293144228427166111371
District 2411369297566277540172251197
District 258947462668434827180161545
District 26A1332328110129385924921
District 26B34082408231261157115277
District 274116707853332365146351240
District 28A26213793181719148165633
District 28B598011006318282089911480
District 2910391254713038423116941699
District 30130743204114503490215162352
District 31112473849159512947204312209
District 3257444631139471964152971831
District 33106603396104431548185231225
District 3494874073140438743181301546
District 35139084916256876393279362441
*Independent (IND) / No Party Affiliation (NPA) – these two categories are one in the same. When a voter writes Independent, I, Ind, no party affiliation, NPA, no party, no choice, none, non-partisan, line crossed off or the field is blank in the "Choice of Party" field on the voter registration form. (South Dakota does not have an Independent party)
**OTHER – This category is for voters who write any other political party on their voter registration form that is not currently a recognized political party in South Dakota.

NOTE: The South Dakota Democratic Party has opened their primary election up for all voters registered as independent/no party affiliation to vote in their primary. Voters registered in the “other” category are not allowed to vote in the SD Democratic Party primary.